VHCC Legislative Day – Join Us to Support Conservation Funding in Vermont

February 19th is the Vermont Housing and Conservation Coalition (VHCC) Legislative Day. Hundreds of volunteers, Board members, and staff of non-profit groups, landowners, homeowners and tenants will gather in Montpelier to describe the impact of the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB), a unique dual-goal agency, and ask legislators to continue to support them. This […]


Fundraising Success for Beaver Pond Farm

Beaver Pond Farm lies along McDonough Road, off of the John Stark Highway, in Newport, NH, where it has existed since Revolutionary War veteran William Osgood founded the farm in 1780. Today, the 243 acre farm and the farm stand are still in the family, now run by Becky Nelson (nee McDonough) and her husband […]


Remembering Lyme’s Pinnacle

Vivian Piper grew up with her four sisters on her father’s farm on River Road in Lyme. From the time she was a young girl, she wrote stories and poems. After marrying Walter Piper, she moved to a small farm, east of Lyme Pinnacle, that had been in his family. There she raised calves for […]

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