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Together Again in Corinth

In 1965, Connecticut residents Edmund and Elizabeth Speer purchased property in Corinth known as the “Andre Place,” an old cape, pasture land and woods at the end of Coppermine Road. Over the course of the next thirty years, the 60-acre hill farm was broken into smaller pieces. In the 1980’s one section of the property was […]

2017 Patchen Miller Internship Application Guidelines

The Patchen Miller Internship at UVLT embraces the science, stewardship and sense of community involved in conserving land and encourages opportunities for people to enjoy, explore and learn from conserved properties. A Patchen Miller intern has leeway to develop a unique program of work while gaining experience with a nonprofit organization. Each applicant is asked […]

Conserved Sugarbush Contributes to Family Farm

A 96-acre sugarbush on Garvin Hill in Hartland has been permanently protected. The property, owned by the Richardson family since 1942, serves important dual farm purposes as both managed sugarbush and summer pasture for the Richardson Family Farm. The protection of the property is part of an overall plan to facilitate the transfer of the […]

Haynes Dairy Conserved

John and Beth Haynes have a commitment to land stewardship that goes way back. In 1993, they bought the 154-acre farm where John grew up with seven other siblings.  From the start, they always allowed their cows to pasture, a practice that made for an easy transition to organic certification in 2007. They’ve won numerous […]

Acronyms That Work for Land Conservation 

Thinking about your year‐end donations? If you have a retirement account and are required to take minimum distributions, you might want consider a Qualified Charitable Donation. An IRA is a retirement savings account. You make contributions with money you may be able to deduct on your tax return, and any earnings can potentially grow tax‐deferred […]