Lecture: Forest Birds of Ticknor Woodland

January 24th, 2018


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Main Level Three, Auditorium E

We all enjoy the forested landscape of the Upper Valley. Whether it’s the recreational opportunities, spectacular fall foliage, or high-quality forest products, the forests are an important part of our lives. These same forests are globally important nesting habitat to a diverse array of songbirds. From warblers to thrushes, vireos to tanagers, more species of migratory and resident birds can be found here during the spring and summer than nearly anywhere else in the US!  How can we manage forests to have a positive impact on the quality of habitat birds will find here?

Audubon Vermont and the Upper Valley Land Trust are teaming up to help ensure that the stewardship of land owned or conserved by UVLT is providing the highest quality habitat possible while also meeting other ownership objectives. What does a “bird-friendly” forest look like?  How can we use active management to enhance the forest’s habitat value? Join Audubon Vermont and the Upper Valley Land Trust for an evening presentation exploring these questions and more, with the City of Lebanon’s Ticknor Woodland serving as a case study.

Whether you are a birder, landowner, or are simply interested in wildlife and land conservation this presentation is for you!

Please contact us with any questions you might have. Call (603) 643-6626 or email Alison: alison.marchione@uvlt.org

Map of DHMC Mail Level. 

Wild About Lebanon: Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe at Balestra

January 27th, 2018


14 Stevens Road, Lebanon, NH

Join UVLT, the City of Lebanon, and Suellen Balestra at her conserved Lebanon Farm for a day of cross country skiing or snowshoeing and beautiful scenic vistas! When you are done skiing join us in the barn for small reception to kick off the beginning of our Wild About Lebanon Series!

Wild About Lebanon is a series of outdoor events focused around conserved lands in Lebanon, NH. Wild About Lebanon was started in 2003 by Nicole Cormen, who dedicatedly ran the program for years. Now in 2018 UVLT and the City of Lebanon Conservation Program will be revitalizing the program. We will be hosting a series of outdoor events throughout 2018 encompassing a range of activities including hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, picnics, bird walks, and educational experiences. Keep an eye on this events calendar for all the information on upcoming Wild About Lebanon events!

Please contact us with any questions you might have. Call (603) 643-6626 or email Alison: alison.marchione@uvlt.org

Walk in the Woods: Diversified Land Management with a Timbersale Tour

February 11th, 2018


Galusha Hill Farm,  10 Clark Road

Topsham, VT 05076

This is a free event sponsored by The Upper Valley Land Trust and the Vermont Woodlands Association

This workshop focuses on diversified land management and will allow attendees to learn about farm and forestry operations on a large tract of land in Topsham. The property is managed by Meadowsend Timberlands Ltd. (MTL) and consists of 1,000 acres of forest and farm land, of which 545 acres have been permenantly protected by UVLT.

We will begin our tour at the on-site cabin where we will meet John Harkins of Galusha Hill Farm to discuss their operation. From there we will take a tour of the recent timbersale with Ryan Kilborn of MTL. UVLT will be available to answer any questions about the conservation of the land and the ways that agriculture and forestry can be used on conservation land. Dress for the weather and wear sturdy footwear.

Registration is required for this event at least a week in advance. To register please email info@vermontwoodlands.org or call 802-747-7900.