Act Now!

We welcome all who cherish the extraordinary beauty of the Upper Valley’s wild places and working landscapes to get involved.

Gifts from individuals and area businesses provide the lion’s share of UVLT’s annual budget. Our members include landowners and apartment dwellers; those who own hundreds of acres and those who own a quarter-acre; those who have lived in the Upper Valley all their lives, those who have just arrived, and those who visit occasionally.

Over 125 volunteers assist in our conservation work annually. Contributions by volunteers make UVLT an unusually lean, effective and vibrant organization. Join us in the woods and on trails, reaching out to your neighbors, and caring for the lands we’ve conserved.

Supporters receive UVLT’s newsletter, annual report, and announcements of outdoor activities and events. But the real benefit of participating is the satisfaction of knowing that by helping to conserve rural landscapes, you are shaping the future of the Upper Valley.

Every gift, large or small, time and money and ideas, are important to us and each makes a crucial difference. Learn more about the ways; make a gift; corporate support; gifts of stock; legacy gifts; memorial and honorary gifts; gift options, giving to endowment or restricted funds), you can support UVLT.

Here are some of the ways you can support UVLT’s work:

  • If you’re not already a member, join us Set your dues at any level, starting at $25, and become a member of UVLT.
  • Tell a friend about us.
  • Become a business supporter. Click here to learn about business membership options.
  • Already a member? Consider making an additional contribution of cash, stock, or other personal property.
  • Make a special memorial gift to honor the memory of a friend or loved one who appreciated the natural beauty of the Upper Valley region. Memorial gifts may be made individually or suggested by the family of the deceased.  These gifts are usually directed to one of UVLT’s endowment funds.
  • Observe a birthday, wedding, anniversary, celebrate a life transition, or honor a special person by making an honorary gift.  To make a memorial or honoary gift, just enclose a note with your gift explaining who you wish to honor, the occasion (if applicable), and the name and address of the individual or next of kin to be notified of your gift.
  • Make a legacy gift through legacy giving in your will, or arrange a life income gift such as a charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, or life insurance policy.
  • Choose the Gift Option that Matches Your Goals (see below)
  • Volunteer for UVLT
  • If your goal is to make a quick and easy gift and receive an income tax deduction…
    Then consider
    writing a check now
  • If your goal is to give personal items and receive a charitable deduction based on the full fair market value
    Then consider
    donating tangible personal property
  • If your goal is to avoid tax on capital gains and receive a charitable deduction 
    Then consider
    contributing appreciated stock or other securities held for more than 1 year
  • If your goal is to defer a gift until after your lifetime and reduce or eliminate estate tax
    Then consider
    making a bequest to UVLT in your will
  • If your goal is to secure an income for life, avoid market risks, possibly increase your rate of return, and benefit more than one charity if you wish
    Then consider establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity
  • If your goal is to make a large gift with little cost to yourself and receive current (and possibly future) tax deductions
    Then consider
    contributing a life insurance policy you no longer need
  • If your goal is to avoid the taxation on IRA or other employee benefit plans
    Then consider
    naming UVLT the beneficiary of retirement assets after your lifetime