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Since 1992, the Upper Valley Land Trust has managed a series of primitive canoe campsites along the Connecticut River. Many of these campsites are made possible by private landowners and are maintained by volunteers for the enjoyment of the public. Please follow the guidelines at right.

The maintenance of these sites is conducted by the Upper Valley Land Trust and its volunteers. We ask for a donation of $10 per tent per night to assist with the costs associated with campsite management. Remittance envelopes are available at each site, you can make donations online, or mail them to UVLT, 19 Buck Road, Hanover, NH 03755. Thank you!

Campsite Use Guidelines

Please respect the generosity of the campsite landowners and volunteers by complying with the following guidelines:

  • UVLT campsites are available on a first-come-first-served basis; reservations are not accepted.
  • These campsites are intended for access by canoe and kayak paddlers. Land-based access is prohibited.
  • Please limit your stay to two nights per site. Set up your camp on your day of arrival, not in advance. This will allow other paddlers to share in the enjoyment of these campsites.
  • Please limit the area you occupy so others may share the campsite.
  • In the event that campsites are full and you must find an alternate place to camp for the night, please request permission from the landowner.
  • To help us to monitor usage and campsite needs, please register in the logbooks provided. Look for a mailbox at each site that holds the log book.
  • Minimize your impact. Please avoid climbing on exposed banks, respect the capacity of the campsites, and carry out everything you carry in.
  • If you choose to build a fire, please do so in the fire ring provided and use only downed and dead wood.
  • Privies are provided for your convenience; they also help limit the impact on each site. Please use them!
  • All washing should be done at least 75′ from the river.
  • Noise carries easily on the river. Enjoy the solitude; please leave your CD player/iPod at home.